Apr 15, 2013

Got Milk?

Saturday night, I had to make a late night run to the store to pick up some milk for breakfast.  I went into mini-shock when I saw the price above $4 for one gallon of the local name-brand milk and right at $4 for the store brand.  I normally buy milk at Sam's Club where it has been running about $3.25 for a gallon of 1%.  I know milk prices are rising and will continue to rise.  I've been thinking I need to switch my family over to THRIVE Instant Milk as our primary milk source and the increased milk prices are going to encourage my efforts to do that.  And of course, I could have pulled out our Instant Milk on Saturday but I was heading to the store for some other items already, and it's a habit to buy it at the store (keeping it real here).

So let's crunch some numbers...
Here's the numbers for Instant Milk from June 2012.  Note the first price is the retail price and the second price is the price when you order through me.  Guess what they are today (April 2013)....They are exactly the same EXCEPT for the Bucket, which is $85.29 now instead of $85.99!

(In our price lists, #10 Cans are listed at the top for each product.  Going across, you'll see the item #, the Retail Price, the Home Party/Q Club Price, # Servings, Unopened Shelf Life and finally Opened Shelf Life.  Note how the Pouch has a shorter Unopened Shelf Life than the other sizes.)

For the Instant Milk, a #10 can has 53 servings at $19.59, so $0.369 per serving.  A serving is 1 cup of prepared milk.  Now let's compare:
#10 can= 36.9¢ per serving
Pantry = 52.6¢ per serving
Pouch = 81¢ per serving
Bucket = 19.7¢ per serving
Case = 35.1¢ per serving
Pantry 10-Pack = 51.1¢ per serving

And for those who are wondering, if you estimate fresh milk at $3.50 for 1 gallon = 21.9¢ per serving.  Which means buying Instant Milk in the bucket is the less expensive option when comparing fresh and instant.  All of the Instant Milk prices per serving are based on using 3 cups of Instant Milk to prepare 1 gallon of milk.  Some consultants only use 2 cups because of the rich flavor when using 3 cups.  This would make the Instant Milk a definite money saver!

But what good is saving money when no one will drink it?  Check out this video illustrating the great taste of THRIVE Instant Milk!  I have some lactose intolerance so I don't drink regular milk.  When I first started with Thrive Life, I tried some thinking "it's powdered milk, not real milk".  My testimony is this is REAL milk.  It tasted like fresh milk and my body reacted to it just like fresh milk.