Nov 14, 2012

Yogurt Variety 6 Packs

Have you tried the Yogurt Bites from Shelf Reliance?  They are simply amazing!  I love that we can eat them dry or I can reconstitute them into yogurt.  We primarily use them as a delicious and portable snack.  I also love that I can send them with my children for lunches and what they don't eat the first day can keep going back to school each day without being wasted.

Shelf Reliance has recently released a new package - the Yogurt 6-Pack (Pantry cans).  Most packages contain only #10 cans but this one is in the Pantry size which is perfect for trying out a new-to-you product and also for keeping in your kitchen cupboards.  This package is available in the online store for $85.99 and to Q Club customers for $83.09. 

The Yogurt 6-Pack (Pantry cans) package contains 1 each of the following in Pantry can size:

If you prefer the #10 cans, or have an addiction to these yogurt bites like my family so you NEED them in #10 cans, there is a Yogurt Variety Pack available through your Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant (like me) for $162.20 (for an average of $27.03 per can) and is not available in the online store

The Yogurt Variety Pack contains 1 #10 can of each of the following:
There is only a small amount of inventory on the Orange Yogurt in the Yogurt Variety Pack (#25359), which will continue until the remaining inventory is depleted, at which point Cherry Yogurt Bites will be substituted for Orange in the pack.
The Yogurt Variety Pack is a great deal!  If you were to buy 1 #10 can of each of these items at Q Club prices, you would spend $224.74; buying at retail prices, you would spend $250.33.  Contact me at 417-886-9489 or to order the Yogurt Variety Pack.

Note all prices noted are current for November 2012 and before shipping and tax.