Jun 25, 2012

Dinner Plan - 6/25

Summer is officially here - in more ways than one!  This is what I saw this morning...
There are triple digit temperatures this week!  Yuck!  No guessing about it - we're going to be eating light and cool this week.  I'm going to be avoiding use of the oven.  It's a good thing I have a crockpot!  It's going to be hot enough, I'm not even sure I would want to grill because that would mean standing outside in these temperatures.

Monday - BLTs, Sauteed Yellow Squash, Apple Turnovers

Tuesday - Anniversary Chicken (in crockpot)

Wednesday - French Toast

Thursday - Tacos

Friday - Traveling

Saturday - Traveling

Sunday - Rotisserie Chicken in Crockpot

What's on your menu?  Are you using any THRIVE this week? My THRIVE in use this week is apple slices for the apple turnovers.  And of course, I could use the THRIVE FD Ground Beef for my tacos.  I don't have any of the THRIVE FD Seasoned Chicken Slices but I bet I could use those for the Anniversary Chicken recipe if I was living off our food storage.

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