May 24, 2012

Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls

I am an honest girl, sometimes too much so.  So I will be keeping it real on the blog (except I will try to crop my pictures to hide the disaster that my home can become).  And here's reality - I made Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls the other day for dinner and they were not a hit.  I did NOT follow the recipe in my THRIVE Cookbook like I had planned.  Instead I went for my bread machine manual's recipe and then mixed up a variety of grains instead of using all white flour.  Normally I get the mix right, but not this time.  So I won't be sharing the cinnamon roll recipe today.  I had too much wheat germ, flax and maybe too much whole wheat flour.  All I know is the proportions weren't right and our rolls were a bit dry.

The last time I made cinnamon rolls I added some chopped apples (fresh ones because I had some I needed to use up).  I LOVED the apples in my cinnamon roll and so did Princess Naked Toes.  The other two were like "eh" - okay but not wanting to eat it again.

This time I decided to try using the THRIVE FD Raspberries.  I put a handful of raspberries in my strainer and quickly squirted them with water for just a second and then set them aside (not sitting in water) while I prepped the dough.  Because I know my family, I only put the raspberries on one side of the prepared dough so that some rolls would be plain.  The girls tried the raspberry rolls and immediately gave them back and got plain ones.  My husband was much more willing to try these than he was the apple ones.  He gave them an okay but it's hard to tell if it was just okay because the bread part was a little dry or he didn't love the combo.  For me, it was a texture thing - these are real raspberries so I could taste all the seeds, which I don't notice when I put them in my scones without rehydrating them.

So final verdict - if you like raspberries, go for it with your favorite cinnamon roll recipe!  Simply rehydrate (or don't) the FD Raspberries and prepare your cinnamon rolls like normal.  Just before rolling them up, though, spread the raspberries on top of your cinnamon and brown sugar (or white sugar if that's your preference).  Cook like normal!

Personally, I'm going to try my dehydrated apple slices from my old food storage (pre-THRIVE days) to see if I can use some up to give me an excuse for buying the THRIVE FD Fuji Apples (fuji are my favorite apples), but my husband will be campaigning for the THRIVE FD Granny Smith Apples.