Apr 30, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 4/30 - 5/6

As I shared earlier, we played Musical Menus this week, and it continued throughout the rest of the week.  But without the menu plan, dinner would have been a very stressful event this week.  I'm so glad I'm back to meal planning!   Sunday's dinner had to be pushed back to tonight.  I had reconstituted some mozzarella cheese for a Shelf Reliance tasting and needed to use the remainder up since it's only good for 8 days after reconstituting.  So we had quesadillas last night after Church (our ward/congregation meets from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Sundays) and we'll be eating the Tator Tot Casserole tonight, at the soccer field - aren't you jealous?!

We had multiple successes last week - the zucchini chips were a big success, once I didn't burn them but I ended up not using the recipe I had posted.  And a note to self:  don't add salt if you're also adding Seasoned Salt - too salty!  My 9 y/o who has never liked zucchini in her life was raving about them to my grandmother yesterday.  Another note - one zucchini really is just enough for 1 person.

And of course, the Beef Noodle Bowl was the family favorite.  I probably need to triple the recipe next time as EVERYONE wants leftovers for lunch!

We never did get to try the Quinoa and Black Bean Salad and with this week's schedule, it's not going to work.  But we will be trying it soon.  And we will be trying some Quinoa this week.  So here's our menu for this week:

Monday - Tator Tot Casserole.  I'm going to be shaking our normal recipe up a little bit to add some FD veggies to it and hope that my kids don't notice.

Tuesday - Spaghetti.  I will be hosting a Blue and Gold Banquet, Picnic style, so this is something easy for my husband and girls.  And they will be very happy to have this on the menu.  I'm going to add some THRIVE Tomato Powder to the jarred spaghetti sauce to give it a bit more pop!

Wednesday - Scrambled eggs, fruit smoothies, toast.  The 9 y/o has a birthday party during dinner so we're eating one of the 5 y/o's favorite meals.  I'll be using the THRIVE Simply Peach drink mix as the base for our smoothies.

Thursday - Smokies in a Blanket  (with blog post to follow), Cheesy Quinoa Bites - maybe at the soccer field since the game is at 5:30 pm.

Friday - Korean night:  Bul-ko-kee, gamja jorin  I've made Bul-ko-kee a lot but the gamja jorin (Korean potatoes) will be an experiment and surprise for my husband who served his LDS Mission to Korea.

Saturday - Leftovers!

Sunday - at my sister's.

What's on your menu?  Are you using any THRIVE this week?

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