Sep 14, 2013

1 Year 1 Person Gluten-Free Package on Special through 9/21

We are excited to announce a new promotion!
Pictured: Standard 1 Year 1 Person Package
1-Year 1-Person Gluten Free Pack for $1399.99
Promo ends on Saturday, Sept. 21st or while supplies last.
*This package is not available via my online store; contact me at to take advantage of this special limited time promotion.  This package is not available in Canada. An additional Shipping fee will apply when shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and can be determined with shipping address. 

Catalog ID: 25432
Normally, this package is available for $1,658.99.

This Gluten Free Pack contains 126 #10 cans and can feed 1 person for 1 year.  The contents of this package are the following:

12 White Rice

1 Sweet Corn (FD)

2 Bananas (FD)

10 Powdered Milk

6 Whole Egg Powder

2 White Sugar

Note:  I have documentation from Thrive Life that all these products, except the Apple Slices, are not only naturally gluten free, but are Certified Gluten Free.  For the Apple Slices, I believe they are also certified Gluten Free but it is not listed on the Gluten Free Certified list - I will be verifying that next week and will update this post as soon as I hear back.