Aug 29, 2012

Frequently Used Links for Blog and Email

When I first started working with Shelf Reliance, I found myself using the same links over and over.  The problem was the number of links kept increasing.  When I share information on this blog or in emails to customers or potential customers, I kept having to go to my online store and copying the hyperlink.  It only took a little bit of time to realize that was taking too much of my time. 

My Solution:  A word document.

If you are in direct sales (for me, it's Shelf Reliance) with an online store, you want to send potential customers to your store rather than someone else's.  For me, that means sending you to instead of  It also means that for each product's page, I want to use a link that points you to my page, because I want you as my customer so I want you looking at my online store pages, not another consultant's.

What I was finding was that every time I typed an email or wrote a blog post, I was having to create those links.  So now instead, I save those links in a Word document and then when I need them, I copy and paste them in. 

Generally, I use a description with a link for the word instead of having a long hyperlink directly in the text of my blog post.  I haven't figured out a way to save the whole thing - text to display and the hyperlink to automatically fill in; but I can type my text to display and then copy and paste the web address in.

The alternative without saving these in a Word document is to go to the website, find the page I want and copy the URL (web address) EVERY time, or try to remember what it should be and risk sending you to a bad link.

This Works for Me - saving me time and energy.  It's taking time to build up my link file but the payoff was IMMEDIATE in saved time.  It's definitely worth it!

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