Apr 27, 2012

New Products and End of Month Reminder

First a quick reminder that the April THRIVE Specials are ending on Tuesday, May 1st so you just have a few days left to place your order or start a Q with these special prices.  The May specials will be announced soon!

I am so excited to share with you the new products that Shelf Reliance launched at Convention.  I've already talked about the THRIVE Express products so today I'm going to introduce you to the other new THRIVE Products as well as the new THRIVE Smart Start Pack, which I'll be sharing more about soon, the new Bucket Shelf, and 15 new emergency supply products.

Egg White Powder - this is probably the product I am most excited about.  Many of you prefer to use egg whites instead of a whole egg in your cooking and baking.  This product is designed for you!
10 Grain Pancake Mix - This pancake mix is replacing the 6 Grain Pancake Mix.  It has a shorter ingredient list with more ingredients that I can read compared to the 6 Grain Pancake Mix.
Scrambled Egg Mix - the Whole Egg Powder and the Egg White Powder, although they can be used to make scrambled eggs, that's not their main design.  So now we have the Scrambled Egg Mix!  I had such a horrible experience with powdered eggs as a kid at camp but I've heard enough rave reviews that I will be trying these.
Whole Egg Powder - This is not a new product but it has been reformulated without the caking agent.  This decreases crumbling when used in baking and the new formula's reviews say it tastes better.  I just received a can of the Whole Egg Powder before the revamping so I won't be ordering this new formula until that one has been used.
Instant Milk - This product has been revamped to have an even better taste than before!  In a taste test against other instant milk AND a non-fat milk from the grocery store, the new Shelf Reliance Instant Milk beat them all.  But I will have to let the rest of you tell me about it - I gained a testimony that the Instant Milk ("old" version) is REAL milk when I sampled some and I had a reaction due to my lactose intolerance.  One of my product suggestions to Shelf Reliance will be to create a lactose free version.